You Are Gorgeous Just The Way You Are, Right This Moment

You Are Gorgeous Just The Way You Are, Right This Moment

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Dearest friend,

You are gorgeous, just as you are.

Twenty Ninteen. A New year, full of hope and possibility. It’s a time when we set goals and dream bigger for ourselves and our loved ones. We browse Pinterest for fitness inspiration, healthy recipes and vow that THIS is the year of follow-through.

What if instead, we set a few goals that are just slightly out of reach, yet attainable with some passion and drive? What if instead of wishing for the body of a super model, we love the one we have right this moment and simply decide to make better, healthier decisions as they come up?

What if we choose happiness, positivity and hope that with each an every day we are given, we can move forward instead of backward?

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I want you to know that no matter what chapter of your life’s story you’re currently in, I’m right here with you, cheering you on. And if you need a reminder, pin this image and read it often. Print it out and hang it on your bathroom vanity. Repeat it out loud, multiple times a day. And believe it. Because it’s totally true.

xo xo xo

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