VLOGary: The 1st Day of School + Autism Speech And Occupational Therapy CoTreat Day 2

It’s the first day of school for Carson and Millie. Arlo started his new, more structured, therapy schedule as well and today is DAY 2. How did he do today? And did I have another anxiety attack? I take you along with me to an eye appointment and end this VLOGary with something super exciting that’s happening SOON, in our little 70’s abode.

Q’s for YOU.

How was your littles(‘) first day back? Do they attend public, private or homeschool? Have any thoughts on lasik eye surgery? And for my fellow Autism Mom’s…do you have a sensory room, therapy room, etc. inside of your home? How’s it working out for you? Chat with me in the comments below and don’t be shy!

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