VLOGary: A Huge Birthday Surprise For Millie. Part 2 of 2

I’ve been waiting so very long for this moment.  As soon as Freddie and I were told our baby was a girl, I started dreaming of all our firsts. And here I was, about to surprise her (a week before the event because I just couldn’t wait a second longer), with concert tickets to see one of her favorite singers; Taylor Swift! At first, she was a bit confused. Perhaps she was thinking more of “movie” style, but once I explained where we were going and that she would get to see the real person, right in front of her eye, she just lost it. She giggled and screamed and squealed and was jumping up and down. “Mama, I’m SO excited to see Taylor!” And I was so very excited, too. Here I was, right smack dab in the middle of one of our biggest mommy-daughter firsts; surprising my daughter with her very first live concert event.

Brandis and Millie Allison

We can’t share the amazing performance and show Taylor Swift put on, but I found myself totally loving every moment of the evening. Huge kudos to her. She’s an incredible, talented artist. I was also so incredibly happy to be with my girl, just her and I, having THE best time. We walked hand in hand, sat cheek to cheek, danced and sang til our voices were gone. We screamed and clapped and gasped at the fireworks and bright neon flashing bracelets, given to us just for the concert. We arrived to Ohio Stadium with the biggest grins on our faces. And we left, very much the same way.

It was an evening I’ll never forget. And I surely hope she will never forget it, either.

Q for YOU.
Have you surprised your little love(s) with a live musical performance yet? If so, what was it and how did they respond? And well, spill it! What was it like for you and them? I cannot wait to read your story.


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    1. I haven’t taken my boys to a concert yet, but excited to take them one day soon!! I absolutely loved seeing how precious her little face was, and how excited she was! So cute!!! <3

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