Thrift Store Shop With Me | Mom of 4 Budget Clothing Shopping | Random Life Update

This mama of four littles, ranging from age 10 to age 1, FINALLY gets a break. Whoop there it is! Wait, does that totally give away my age? 😉 Today, I am on a mission to find my oldest two kiddos (and a handful of items for Arlo, my ASD baby, too) some cool and cold weather clothes that will last them well into the Fall and Winter Seasons here in Columbus, Ohio. I don’t share my haul with you today,but I do share a few of my finds while shopping AND give a few no-brainer tips, things I apply to my own thrifty shopping experiences! We have a large family. There are SO MANY hidden costs of having an autistic child, and I honestly hate paying full price for anything (ok, I take that back because I do like sparkly new things…just hate the expensive price tags that go along with them). And I don’t know about you, but my kids grow so damn fast. When it comes to clothing, we do buy new, but it’s a rare occasion. I’d rather buy “like-new” and resonate if still in great condition when they outgrow them. And that’s money back in my pocket, baby.

How about you? Do you go thrift store shopping?!

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