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Oh, girl. Pinterest is the BEAST of internet marketing right now. And it’s THE place to go to do a visual search. Do I still use google? Well, yea. But it’s more for technical type of things. Things like, how in the world do I clean the dust out my iPhone speaker? But you want to know something pretty damn great? I bet you, that if I did that same search on Pinterest, I’d find something on the subject.

That’s right, y’all.

Pinterest isn’t just for pretty food recipes, home and decor ideas and how to live a DIY lifestyle.

It’s full of amazing information. But with popularity, comes junk, too. Unless you take the time to research where a pin comes from, it can be scary to blindly follow advice without truly knowing if the source is legit. And also, Pinterest rewards pinners that contribute original content.

That’s where my FREE Weekly Blogging For Pinterest Content Challenge comes into the mix.

I’m here to help spark some amazing ideas in you, that you could post directly to Pinterest as original content, therefore gaining you some major bonus points in the monthly viewers department. Because Pinterest, my friend, is not about “follower” popularity. Oh, no. It’s about the monthly views (eyes that see your pin on their home feed) and the traffic from those viewers. The true key to Pinterest success is creating kick ass original content that links directly back to a reliable source…YOUR blog or your instagram.

Join the FREE Pinterest content monthly challenge group hosted by - Get your amazingly creative self seen by many simply by pinning your own original content #pingroup #pincreatives #fbgroupforpinners #fbgroupforbloggers
Challenges are simple and fun!

Do I need a blog to join your content creation photography challenge?

No, but I highly recommend that you have one. And if you want to get up and running FAST I can help you do just that, or show you how, if you’re a DIY kind of a gal. If you are mainly on Instagram, you can use that as your reliable link source! So yes, please join us!

DOING and CREATING and PUBLISHING is better than waiting, not doing and not creating. Click To Tweet

Do I need a fancy dSLR camera to join in on the fun?

Uh. NO. Definitely not. Here’s a secret. I’m a professional portrait, wedding and food photographer. And I started my foodie portion of my blog ONLY with my iPhone. Mainly because I had to sell my beautiful d700 and d3 when I moved to Nashville back in 2011. That was a soul crushing day. I purchased a “Dino cam” as I have so lovingly nicknamed her…my very old vintage d1x. She’s just decoration now, as she no longer manually focuses and adds this film-like colorful line to the middle of my images. But goodness, do I love her. Anyway, I only had my iPhone for a very, very long time. Was that difficult as a professional dSLR user, to only use an iPhone? You betcha! But I sucked it up and created content anyway. Because DOING and CREATING and PUBLISHING is better than waiting, not doing and not creating. Grab that iPhone, mama. Let’s do this!

You’ve got this, boss!

How do I join the challenge?

This particular challenge will be weekly (themed in a non-cheesy-kinda-way) With prompts emailed to you. What day of the week will you hear from me? FRIDAYS. Our kick-ass community lives on Facebook, so be sure you have a personal profile! Also, this is a SECRET, by invitation only, group that has a hilarious, laid back name. You’ll receive an invite simply by signing up at the end of this love letter.

Once you’re in it, I hope you participate and join the Friday conversations!

Every Friday, Members will be emailed the deets, with at least 1 weeks notice in order to get prepared. Details will include the latest challenge prompt, photo ideas and visual inspiration from successful pins.

Members will not only get access to the private Facebook group to interact and share with others, but will also be a part of an exclusive Pinterest group board! Group boards are great because they can help your content be seen by MANY. Networking is also encouraged. Members follow each other on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I’m a firm believer in surrounding yourself with great people, inspiration and kindness. This is what my group is for my members.

The very first challenge starts FEBRUARY 1, 2019.



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