Real Talk: I Failed My 12 Day Challenge And Here’s How I’m Handling It

I need to get back on track with my 12 day. I’ve accepted that my life isn’t black and white. It’s pretty much gray all the time. I can’t plan things out and that’s ok. I just need to adjust the way I go about creating and meeting my goals, but also my expectations. Right now, in this life chapter, things will always happen to derail any personal plans and goals I may have set for myself, but i cannot dwell on why something didn’t happen and find a way to celebrate when it does happen. And to just keep trying. That’s all I can do. And that’s okay.

Brandis Allison, on Day 6/12

I had such high hopes for myself and this 12 Day Challenge. I was successful with my first one and honestly, wasn’t thinking about what my life is REALLY like vs the shiny sparkly “I can do this!” thoughts that sometimes take back over. The reality is, I am a new Special Needs Parent (officially speaking), my children are still young, everyone’s life has been flipped upside down, including my own and I have to truly come to terms that things just aren’t going to work out more than they will. I’m not being negative, I promise. But I do have to get real with myself and forgive myself and find NEW ways to make the things I want to work, actually work.

Here’s what happened during THIS 12 Day Challenge.

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