Family Day At The Fair…Or Not!

Welcome to The Made Cottage VLOGary Series…where we share real life, both inside and outside our home. Hi! I’m Brandis, CEO and Girl Boss of The Allison Family. I can’t wait to share snippets of our life with you.

Autism is f-ing hard sometimes, ya’ll. It just is. And guess what? It’s easy to stay home. It’s easy to give into the anxiety. It’s easier than seeing people stare at you when you’re trying to help your sweet child through a tantrum turned full-blown meltdown…something they cannot control. And then there’s the unknown…how will Arlo do once we leave the house? How will he take in his new environment? What if it’s a complete and utter disaster? Will we survive this? Is it worth it?

Spoiler alert: This outing was a disaster! I am glad we tried though. And now we know…the fair is not a place Arlo can go. And that’s ok! We just have to adjust and make this activity something daddy and I take turns doing with Carson, Millie (and Hunter once he’s older).

Music: “Playful” and “Modern”
Location: Franklin County Fairgrounds, Hilliard, Ohio

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