DIY Glitter Fluffy Slime – Autism Sensory Friendly

Hi, Glitter lover!

My daughter requested this very special, very messy, very FUN DIY. And so, I replied with, “YES, let’s do it, girl!” All four of my littles LOVE fluffy slime, although we did go for a more eewy gewy texture for my older two kids.

Materials Needed:
White Glue
Contact Solution
Shaving Cream
Glass Bowl

Want some color?
Try adding a few drops of food coloring before adding in the contact solution 🤩

Autism sensory glitter fluffy slime diy

Ready to get started?
Watch the video below for my DIY instructions.

Once pictures were taken, we sunk our hands into the second bowl and added a TON more shaving cream, to make the texture more fluffy, than slimey.  We had so much fun making and playing with this autism-friendly DIY. I didn’t have so much fun cleaning up all the Glitter. Ha! But the mess? It was well worth it!

Let me know if you decide to make fluffy glitter slime and how it turned out. And of course, please visit our YouTube channel and hit subscribe. We would appreciate it!

Friend, I have a favor to ask of you. If you LOVE slime and think this DIY of ours is rad, will you share this to your social pages? The more autism awareness there is, the more ACCEPTANCE there will be.

Thanks so much for watching, visiting and hanging out with us today.  You’re fabulous.


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