Meet Brandis


Photography, graphic design, styling, staged photography, portraiture, illustration and moreWelcome to my little cottage on the internet. Please, c’mon in. How do you like my blush pink front door? It’s my favorite. Slip your shoes off, if you don’t mind, grab a pair of new fuzzy socks (yours to keep, of course) and a mug. I’ll fill it to the tippy top with a hot beverage of choice or if you’re having one of those days, I can give you something a little stronger. We have a lot of chatting to do, my friend. And I can’t wait to get to know you better.

Since I am the Hostess and you’re new here, I’ll go first.

My favorite color family? Nudes.

My all time favorite movie? Better Off Dead. If you’ve see it, major bonus points go to you!

One wish I have for myself? To finally kick anxiety’s ass and feel clearer, happier and stronger all of the time.

Favorite food? Anything sweet. I can’t help it. I have a major sweet tooth.

Favorite place? Wherever my husband and babies are. They are my home.

©️ Brandis Allison

A Bucket List Travel Location? Jamaica. I want to cliff dive and drink a Red Stripe while I dip my toes in the ocean!

One of my 2019 goals? More self-love. A lot more.

My secret obsession? Watching teen/young adult movies or shows. It transports me back to my younger years; the days where responsibilities were smaller and life was filled with so much wonder and possibility. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MY LIFE. It’s just nice to forget that I have tons of gray hair and a mortgage to pay, from time to time.

Autism mom large family

Now that we have all that out of the way, let’s get to the professional stuff.

I’ve been a creative artist for well over a decade. This portfolio of mine is filled with passion projects, that I look forward to working on every single day. I have four little ones, ranging in age from 11-2 and we are an Autism Family. Life sure isn’t easy, but it truly is so beautiful. 

I love being creative and being challenged, so in this space I will try everything I’ve ever wanted to try. Because life is too short to not go for it. 

I 100% believe in the law of attraction and that it plays a huge role in achieving personal successes – big and small.

Wanting to make a name for myself, as a creative artist is HARD. There are so many rules and options.  In order to feel fulfilled creatively, I decided on simply LIVING my best life, out loud.

What else, you ask?

When I’m not in my kitchen, writing, designing and editing for this site,  busy renovating my 1970’s fixer upper and making it my dream home, I am a devoted wife and mama. And I hope to start traveling VERY soon.

I also host a podcast called Brandis, Lately.

I take pride in my work as a creative content creator, photographer, illustrator, writer, graphic designer and podcaster. I am proud to also share that I am 100% self-taught and obsessively passionate about each and every project I take on.



Magazine Design work

I hope you enjoy my portfolio and find some amazing projects, recipes, stories and inspiration to add to your amazing life.