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Magazine Design work
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I am also a private business + branding coach to a Professional Filmmaker. I, myself, am a professional content creator, photographer,  illustrator, writer + graphic designer.


I only promote brands I have a personal connection with + feel very strongly about. Brands must be open-minded and love my creativity in order to work together. Each partner is unique so our partnership will be unique (and amazing).


I do enjoy discovering brands that take the time to send something unique and fun to us – especially when it’s somwthing related to Autism and my other YouTube series. PR items may or may not be highlighted on my YouTube Channel and/or website. This is at my sole discretion, as I only promote brands I love and would personally recommend to my beat friend (which means my online community).

Something to keep in mind, I highly value personalization, thoughtfulness + creativity within myself + in those I choose to partner with.

For PR, please contact me and let me know you’re interested in sending us some fabulous snail mail and I will privately email you our address. Thank you!


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