Chilled Strawberry Cream Fat Bomb. Keto Diet Dessert

Chilled Strawberry Cream Fat Bomb. Keto Diet Dessert

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Well, it’s here. That time of year when I cannot wait to stuff my face with as many sweets and treats of Christmas and all the homemade feel-good, comfort food that Thanksgiving brings. Yes, I realize I listed those backwards, but in this house we celebrate Christmas for TWO whole months, and NO, I’m not joking.  When you are an Autism Family, you just have to do life differently. In all of the ways. And you know what? That’s okay with me.

Life can be brutal often, but it can be so very beautiful, too. And Christmas is just one of those perfect excuses to celebrate for as long as humanely possible. It’s kind of a new tradition of ours, too. On November 1st my tree and lights go up. Exterior lights hung outside (but not turned on just yet) and the teaching begins immediately, a minute at a time, hoping one year soon, we will be able to put more than pretty lights on our tree.

This Strawberry Cream Dessert by is the Keto FAT bomb! It’s pretty too. #ketodessertfat #ketodesserteasy #ketofatboms


There I go again, trailing off into a reverie. And totally losing my train of thought. I had a point, I really did. Ah, yes! I remember. Sweets, treats and the comfort foods of the holiday season. I would like to enjoy these foods without gouging myself sick. And as odd as it may seem, following a strict Keto Diet for 3 weeks, makes me feel better, readjusted, realigned. And that 4th week, I keep my menu free and open and unrestrictive. My body thrives on this schedule and I often find that during week four, I end up enjoying all my favorite foods, but in much smaller quantities. No gouging happens at all, which makes my tummy and the scale very happy.

::: rolls up sleeves :::

This Strawberry Cream Dessert by is the Keto FAT bomb! It’s pretty too. #ketodessertfat #ketodesserteasy #ketofatboms

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Let’s do this, people! And to kick off this series of Keto-friendly food bowls, I went BIG. And pink. Because I’ve loved the color pink for as long as I can remember. Just ask my daddy about my childhood bedroom that had pink walls, pink carpet, pink bedding and pink toys. I lived a pink life, y’all.

Ok, ok. Back to the food. Let’s talk about…

KETO Fat Bombs

This is the term used to describe the Keto-goer’s attempt at curbing a sweet tooth AND indulging in healthy fats. Saying fat bomb out loud just makes me giggle, something fierce. Think giggle with a snort, kind of a laugh. If you hop onto Pinterest, my favorite image based search engine and input “fat bomb” into your search bar, TONS of incredibly looking sweets pop up. These babies will make you want to jump head first into the pool that is the Keto lifestyle. And I’m hoping this simple fat bomb dessert of mine, will get you excited, too.

Healthy fats can sometimes seems daunting and when I first started, my immediate thoughts were, “Oh man, how in the world am I going to eat THAT MUCH FAT.” Here’s where Keto fat bombs save the day, and your numbers. Indulge in a fat bomb and immediately, your back on track and feeling damn good. They also help with the Keto flu, something that can happen in the very beginning of your Keto journey. For me, the girl who gets chronic migraines, I LIVE for fat bombs. Just one serving and my starting migraine pains, go away within fifteen minutes. Hallelujah!!!

This Strawberry Cream Dessert by is the Keto FAT bomb! It’s pretty too. #ketodessertfat #ketodesserteasy #ketofatboms

I wanted to jump into my Keto Diet Week One with a healthy, fulfilling fat bomb that would help me NOT eat the ice cream currently calling my name in my freezer. And also, I needed something to remind me that super sweet isn’t healthy. My sweet tooth has gotten out of control. Just today I ate 5 full sized donuts. The stress and anxiety I feel daily is indescribable. I do the best that I can, but am often left feeling sad, stressed, anxious, depressed, frustrated and hopeless. I always turn to food for comfort and always regret it immediately. I can’t change a lot of things in my life, but I CAN change ME. Food and nutrician is a great place to start making a change, if you are reading this and my words resonate with you, even just a little.

Girl. If you are a sugar monster, you’re not going to like the simplicity of this recipe. My advice to you, is to add a little monkfruit sweetener. OR use fresh strawberries instead of frozen ones, if they are in season. I LOVE this sugar because a little goes a long way and the actual sugar intake is very small. As in zero. No gluten, no sugar, no calories…Win, win, win, WIN! I’m dedicating my next post to sharing my nutritional findings on monkfruit extract, so come back for that. Or better yet, subscribe to My Recipe Box, my weekly e-magazine, delivered directly to your inbox. Scroll down to subscribe!

Chilled Strawberry Cream Fat Bomb

For Keto fat bomb loving folk

  • 2/3 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 4 Frozen Strawberries (Whole)
  • 1/2 Tsp Xanthan Gum (Thickening Agent)
  • 1/4 Cup Organic Coconut Milk


  1. (Do this first)

    Simply whisk your heavy whipping cream with a whisk, rapidly, until it firms. For this dessert, I used a hand blender and stopped blending when I reached a thicker, but still liquidy texture. This step takes the longest.


  1. Using your favorite blender add whipped cream, frozen strawberries, Xanthan Gum, and coconut milk. 

    Blend til smooth. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Some other numbers you may be interested in knowing:

Keto Friendly? YES
Net Carbs: 4g
Total Carbs: 5g
Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 3g
Protein: 3g
Fat: 34g
Glycemic Load: 1

This Strawberry Cream Dessert by is the Keto FAT bomb! It’s pretty too. #ketodessertfat #ketodesserteasy #ketofatboms

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