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You Are Gorgeous Just The Way You Are, Right This Moment

You Are Gorgeous Just The Way You Are, Right This Moment

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Dearest friend,

You are gorgeous, just as you are.

Twenty Ninteen. A New year, full of hope and possibility. It’s a time when we set goals and dream bigger for ourselves and our loved ones. We browse Pinterest for fitness inspiration, healthy recipes and vow that THIS is the year of follow-through.

What if instead, we set a few goals that are just slightly out of reach, yet attainable with some passion and drive? What if instead of wishing for the body of a super model, we love the one we have right this moment and simply decide to make better,

Siblings of Autism, Feelings of Jealousy and How I Am Handling It

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Today’s video is short, but important. Siblings of autism. It’s something I don’t personally, from a first person point of view, understand. But I am trying SO hard to make sure all four of my babies know that I love them, am here for them and would do absolutely anything for them. My second born is still struggling with feelings of resentment and jealousy towards her autistic, five year old, Nonverbal brother. It kills me. And I’m hoping she just needs more time. And that she knows just how much I love her….

If you’d like to dive into even MORE content, there’s TONS of podcasts and written journal entries right here on

Our Approach To ABA Therapy And My Intentions | Chicks With Power Tools Get Sh*t Done

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Will this in home ABA therapy room EVER be revealed?! Yes, it will…NEXT WEEK. Y’all, everything takes forever these days. I’m pretty sure I won’t get my shit together until Arlo is 10 and Hunter is 6 😂. It’s just how it is. Ya win some battles and lose others. It’s cool.

Meanwhile, I do what I can and today I’m inviting you to hang out with me while I put together the step cube shelf I purchased from Target. Afterwards, I briefly describe our approach to ABA therapy for Arlo and my intentions.

Now excuse me, while I go chase my ASD child and try and get him down off my stovetop.

Thrift Store Shop With Me | Mom of 4 Budget Clothing Shopping | Random Life Update

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This mama of four littles, ranging from age 10 to age 1, FINALLY gets a break. Whoop there it is! Wait, does that totally give away my age? 😉 Today, I am on a mission to find my oldest two kiddos (and a handful of items for Arlo, my ASD baby, too) some cool and cold weather clothes that will last them well into the Fall and Winter Seasons here in Columbus, Ohio. I don’t share my haul with you today,but I do share a few of my finds while shopping AND give a few no-brainer tips, things I apply to my own thrifty shopping experiences! We have a large family.