Beautiful Stemming | Autistic 5 Year Old Boy and Bonding With Baby

Happy Friday, my friend!

We are walking down memory lane today, but just for a moment; back to when I had Hunter, and a podcast. Then we will fast forward to last week, where Arlo shows you MY favorite autistic stemming behavior of his. It’s BEAUTIFUL. I get to also update you on how the brotherly bonding is going.

Listen to this first…


Now come into my very messy home (renovations in progress), and chat with me! See the beauty in Arlo’s autism and see what life is like now that Hunter is 16.5 months old! My oh my, how time flies…

Chat with me, already.
1 / What channels on YouTube are your favorite? I’ll list mine in the comments below.
2 / Any advice on preventing Hunter from biting down on my nipple so hard, that he breaks the skin, every time he nurses himself to sleep? OUCHIE.
3 / Happy weekend, ahead. Dish about your plans!

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