Autism InTake Appointment, Finally! A Meltdown and Super Busy Day

Today has been in the making for almost an entire YEAR. It honestly felt like forever, waiting for our county to schedule and then attend an intake appointment with The Board of Developmental Disabilities. Lost paperwork aside, I was pleased with the meeting. Oh okay, Pleased? More like ecstatic. I went in not exactly knowing what to expect and left a very happy mommy.

I arrived home from my meeting, just in time to encounter a very unhappy, teething baby. He has three trying to cut through the skin. Poor guy, can’t catch a break from cluster-teething. I do mention him receiving vaccinations. This is not the place to have that debate so please respect MY choice to vaccinate my children. I would never judge your decisions, so I expect my guests to show me the same courtesy. Thank you in advance!

After car-swapping and kid-swapping, there was a HUGE autistic meltdown. Afternoon plans got placed on hold and we went home…Arlo’s safe place. I’m taking you along for the ride, today. It’s a busy one. It started out GREAT, had a difficult and tying middle and ended on a happy note.

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