All Arlo’s Therapists Meet! Also, Autism and Walmart DO NOT Go Together

Wow, what a day! An exciting day, a victorious day and a stressful day, wrapped all into one. As I write to you now, Arlo is having a meltdown over the Mr. Potato Head we purchased today. Hunter is screaming at the top of his little lungs for reasons I just can’t figure out in this exact moment. Millie is extra emotional about her school day (it wasn’t very good) and so in between her words, there are tears. Carson came home hating school and “wanted to call the teacher, who is always in the hallway, an A-HOLE (um, excuse me, what?!) because the guy gave him a STEP”, which basically is a warning. I voiced my strong disdain for referring to an adult in that manner and we talked that whole situation out. Sigh. Life with littles. I wouldn’t trade any of this life away, but it sure is challenging. Luckily, I love them. Ha!

Today, Arlo’s in-home ABA Therapist met me at the hospital, to sit in, watch and chat with his SP and OT Therapists. Arlo’s quite the ladies man, lol, and he got to be in a room with all 4 of his girls (Mommy, too!). Our goals were set, communication is in place and we all want whats best for Arlo. I’m incredibly excited to have such wonderful, talented, patient, loving women in my little guy’s life. Working with my beautiful, Nonverbal, Severe Autistic Boy isn’t for the faint of heart. And these girls? They are superstars in our world!

We leave the hospital and have to run a few errands. First up, the bank. Yikes. But we survived. Then we go to quite possibly the place I hate THE most….well, you already know from my title. Ugh. Never again. Really.

Join us. See how Arlo does with his trip to Walmart and chat with me a bit.

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Author: Brandis Allison @TheMadeCottage

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