I’m Brandis. I am 35, married 11 years to Freddie and we have 4 beautiful children. This is Arlo, my blonde haired, blue eyed baby and third born. He is atypical. He is Nonverbal, Low-Functioning and High on The Autism Spectrum. Although to be perfectly frank, I hate placing labels on any of my children. But for the sake of identifying our family and Arlo through common ASD terms, there ya are.

I write in my journal to stay connected. I film for my VLOGary YouTube Series + Real Talk Series to share our very real reality as an Autism Family. I film and blog to keep my creative passions alive, in the midst of my now very chaotic life. Often times, my world is a lonely one. It’s isolating and difficult. But it’s incredibly beautiful, too. And I wouldn’t change a thing…well…I would love to have a conversation with Arlo one day. But if he never talks (like you and I are right now) that will be just fine with me.

My stories?

They are real, raw, honest and detailed. They are about autism, self-love and finding the beauty in a world that can be very dark at times. They are hopeful, tragic and hopefully inspiring.

My 4 babies?

3 boys. 1 girl. Ages 10-1. They are amazing. And I would do absolutely anything and everything for them. We are all on a life journey where autism is front and center, whether we are ready or not. Dreams had to be changed. And this little site of ours documents this new journey.


The Made Cottage may be new, however, Brandis isn’t new to building businesses, marketing + promoting other businesses or collaborating within the creative community. Please see my Magazine Design work here + Stylish Milk Instagram (now inactive) here. I am also a private business + branding coach behind the scenes, professional photographer,  illustrator, writer + graphic designer. I only promote brands I have a personal connection with + feel very strongly about, however, I do enjoy discovering brands that take the time to send something I adore…snail mail. I highly value personalization, thoughtfulness + creativity within myself + in those I choose to partner with.