I’m Brandis. I am 36, married 11 years to Freddie and we have 4 beautiful children. And this handsome little boy next to me is Arlo, my blonde haired, blue eyed baby and third born. He is atypical. He is Nonverbal, Low-Functioning and High on The Autism Spectrum. Although to be perfectly frank, I hate placing labels on any of my children. But for the sake of identifying our family and Arlo through common ASD terms, there ya are.

I write in my journal to stay connected. I film for my VLOGary YouTube Series + Real Talk Series to share our very real reality as an Autism Family. I film and blog to keep my creative passions alive, in the midst of my now very chaotic life. Often times, my world is a lonely one. It’s isolating and difficult. But it’s incredibly beautiful, too. And I wouldn’t change a thing…well…I would love to have a conversation with Arlo one day. But if he never talks (like you and I are right now) that will be just fine with me.


They are real, raw, honest and detailed. They are about autism, self-love and finding the beauty in a world that can be very dark at times. They are hopeful, tragic and hopefully inspiring.


3 boys. 1 girl. Ages 10-1. They are amazing. And I would do absolutely anything and everything for them. We are all on a life journey where autism is front and center, whether we are ready or not. Dreams had to be changed. And this little site of ours documents this new journey.