A Trip To The Lake / Part 1 and Part 2

Welcome to The Made Cottage VLOGary Series…where we share real life, both inside and outside our home. Hi! I’m Brandis, CEO and Girl Boss of The Allison Family. I can’t wait to share snippets of our life with you.


We are a “new” autism family and we are still figuring our new life chapter out. Something we struggle with and are working on as a family, is leaving the house. It may sound a bit ridiculous to you…it is SUPER difficult for us to say out loud…but the simple act of leaving our home, has become one of the more difficult parts of our reality. And listen, it’s easy to stay home. It’s easy to give into the anxiety. It’s easier than seeing people stare at you when you’re trying to help your child through a tantrum turned full-blown meltdown. And then there’s the unknown…how will Arlo do once we leave the house? How will he take in his new environment? What if it’s a complete and utter disaster? Will we survive this? Is it worth it?


We made it to the lake (and very rocky beach)! It’s so very important to our family, for Arlo to get out of the house and TRY new things. I want him to try ALL the things…because if we don’t, we will never know what his life passions are. My blue eyed baby is nonverbal so he cannot tell me what he loves and hates…what feels awesome or what hurts. He also has sensory processing disorder and he feels so intensely. How do I know? Well, I study my boy ALL day long. I study his body language. I am watching and listening to the sounds he makes. Is he tuned in and connected or is he not? Can he keep trying out this new thing…or is it truly something he will not or cannot do? Let’s find out!

Video 2 Music: iMovie’s “Playful” and “Travel”
About That Oldie – Vibe Tracks https://youtu.be/FqQJKeti-TE
Video 1 Music: Beyond The Line by BenSound.com
Location: Buck Creek State Park

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