A Birthday Boy, Family Traditions + ASD

QOTD: How old are your babies and do you have any birthday traditions? Visit me on YouTube + respond in the comments below to help support this new creative gig of mine. So much love to you, Friend. 🤗

Ok. So. Today, I’d love to chat with you a little bit about a family birthday tradition we have, a little about Arlo’s autism and do a little celebrating of my sweet boy turning FIVE! Whoop whoop.

So Happy by Scott Holmes
Erf by BenSound.com
iMovie’s “Simple”

Author: Brandis Allison @TheMadeCottage

The Made Cottage, by Brandis Allison is the place where we make our house a home, dive into a little DIY, Real Talk, Home Decor, Healthy Eating and Vlog our local and travel adventures. Most importantly though, this is the place we share our Autism Journey and help give our beautiful, nonverbal, severely Autistic son a voice. Hello.

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