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5 Gorgeous Handwritten Fancy Script Fonts To Add A Bit Of Whimsy To Your Brand

My absolute favorite thing to do is curate the graphic design elements for a creative mama’s new brand or a re-brand. I’m personally drawn to pairing handwritten elements with standard, very easy to read fonts. My website header is a good example of that.

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I am a magazine-obsessed girl and love a vintage, film-like vibe. I also like very straight, simple letters. Keeping that in mind, I went for Montserrat, (a free font) Special Elite (typewriter style) + my own handwriting for my scripted element. Now, I’m not going to stop and handwrite everything, for ALL of the extra designs I create for my brand. So when I need to do a handwritten script, I grab Karl Geoff.

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Because I’m super obsessed with pretty fonts and have started curating a collection to use for my branding clients, I thought I’d share my findings with you, too! So welcome to a new blog series, dedicated solely to fonts, both free and affordable. Today, we are diving into gorgeous handwritten script fonts that are super pretty and definitely a bit fancy.


5 Gorgeous Handwritten Fancy Whimsy Fonts curated by #fancyhandwrittenfonts #handwrittenfonts #whimsyfont
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My absolute favorite thing about these five specifically, is that they feel like a natural, handwritten, personal hello, when I see them added to different designs.

Which of the five above are you drawn to the most? Are you a fan of the fancy handwritten font more so than a chunky, calligraphy style of font?


P.S. You can test drive these out, before buying them. Seeing how different words or how your name looks in each individual option, truly helps make the decision so much easier.

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