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Whole Milk Yogurt Overnight Oats With Chia Seeds & Strawberries

Whole Milk Yogurt Overnight Oats With Chia Seeds & Strawberries

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Overnight oats are a super trendy thing in the food world. They are easy to whip up, convenient when you need to grab and go and are overall quite fantastic. But here’s the thing about my overnight oats; I only make the base mixture and don’t add my toppings to my mason jars, before putting them in the fridge.

I used to do that. Until I would go to eat one and find that I just wasn’t in the mood to eat the same exact breakfast as I had the day before. I’m super complicated and high maintenance like that.


Avocado Smoothie Bowl With Raw Honey & Ginger

Avocado Smoothie Bowl With Raw Honey & Ginger

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Are you kidding me right now? Avocado may just be the most neutral fruit around, adapting to it’s food bowl neighbors’ flavors and providing a rich, smooth consistency.

Before I dive into just how amazing this tiny little green fruit is, I need to confess something totally non-recipe-related. Bare with me, this is just what I do…

I have an intense sweet tooth. It’s so strong, in fact, that I would often turn to very unhealthy candy or store bought cake-like desserts and BINGE EAT in order to escape the chaotic, stressful environment I am often in.

You see,

Sautéed Veggie & Bean Rice Bowl

Sautéed Veggie & Bean Rice Bowl

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Have you heard about Chipotle? Of course you have, goodness. It’s SO yum and our family really enjoys eating there once in a blue moon. Because we don’t get to treat ourselves to the Mexican cuisine often, I make several different chipotle-inspired rice dinner (and lunch, too) bowls to fill our bellies AND fulfill our cravings.

This dinner bowl is SUPER simple to throw together and delicious, too. Before we get to chatting, this post may contain affiliate links, to products I love and personally recommend. All opinions are 100% my own.

My favorite part? The sautéed veggies, of course! I will throw a little virgin olive oil into a large pan and warm it on high heat,

Siblings of Autism, Feelings of Jealousy and How I Am Handling It

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Today’s video is short, but important. Siblings of autism. It’s something I don’t personally, from a first person point of view, understand. But I am trying SO hard to make sure all four of my babies know that I love them, am here for them and would do absolutely anything for them. My second born is still struggling with feelings of resentment and jealousy towards her autistic, five year old, Nonverbal brother. It kills me. And I’m hoping she just needs more time. And that she knows just how much I love her….

If you’d like to dive into even MORE content, there’s TONS of podcasts and written journal entries right here on

Our Approach To ABA Therapy And My Intentions | Chicks With Power Tools Get Sh*t Done

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Will this in home ABA therapy room EVER be revealed?! Yes, it will…NEXT WEEK. Y’all, everything takes forever these days. I’m pretty sure I won’t get my shit together until Arlo is 10 and Hunter is 6 😂. It’s just how it is. Ya win some battles and lose others. It’s cool.

Meanwhile, I do what I can and today I’m inviting you to hang out with me while I put together the step cube shelf I purchased from Target. Afterwards, I briefly describe our approach to ABA therapy for Arlo and my intentions.

Now excuse me, while I go chase my ASD child and try and get him down off my stovetop.