How To Find Work/Life Balance As A Working Mompreneur

How To Find Work/Life Balance As A Working Mompreneur

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This is THE question, right? How do you balance your work life, your personal life, your mommy duties, partner duties AND try to keep up with house chores and get any kind of sleep?

Here’s my answer…you ready for this? I mean it’s huge!!! Hire a nanny and a cleaning person and while you’re at it, just clone yourself twice. No biggie.

I am a smart-ass. Yes, I know this! My point is that there’s no such thing as true balance. I almost feel like balance is a dirty word, giving us false hope of perfection. We are our own worst enemies. It’s awful, that feeling of inadequacy and defeat when something doesn’t end up happening as we had hoped or planned. So let’s start shifting our thinking and get started feeling awesome, instead of awful; Victorious, instead of defeated.

Shall we?

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The First Step To Finding Balance: Choose Positive Vibes

There’s one thing I know to be true.

And girl, I’m a mama of four, one having a very high level of special needs. I have multiple burn-out, difficult, I feel like life is hopeless moments, each and every day. But I keep going. Mostly because I have to; keeping it real y’all.

But I have learned the hard way, that I can let the negative keep me down or I can choose to breathe deeply to get through the hard moment while it’s happening and have hope that everything will be okay. I’ll get through it. There’s no other option. I just have to choose how I’ll react during and after.q

My point is this. You have to choose positivity, no matter your situation; no matter how hopeless you feel. If you don’t, the darkness will swallow you whole. So let that light within that beautiful soul of yours shine, even when you feel like it’s turned off. And if you need a little help, say these words out loud as many times as you need to…

I am going to be okay. I choose to stay positive. I can do anything I put my mind to…even get through this f*@#ing difficult moment.

You are loved, friend. Xo, Brandis

The Second Step To Finding Balance: Make A Daily To Do / Task List

This one took me a good three months to stay consistent at doing, however, once I chose to make it a priority, my daily task list shifted my entire world in a new, uplifting way.

Tip 1. Less is so much more.

Keep your daily task list minimal, in order to stay productive and to enable yourself to feel those happy warm fuzzy feels that happen when you check something off that list.

Tip 2. Categorize your list into sections or categories. Mine looks a little something like this:

How to find Work Life Balance as a working mother. blogging running business from home. #worklifebalancetips #worklifehumor #weeklytasklist #worklifemombalance

I try to keep my day into perspective. And honestly, things in my life can and often do, change without even a moments notice. I have to go with the flow, expect the unexpected and just do whatever it takes. Because I have a million things happening at any given moment, I know that listing ten things in the AT HOME category of my list means aituonatic failure. I don’t want, need or even welcome that negativity into my world any longer. So I keep that section short and sweet. And the positive vibes from seeing everything checked off (and also the act of checking something off)? It’s an amazing feeling!

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Tip 3. Celebrate the victories and don’t sweat the stuff you didn’t get to.

I know that may be easier said than done, but I will surely tell you that since I’ve shifted my mindset to be more positive, I have found that seeing something unchecked, doesn’t feel like I’ve failed. And actually, I now shrug it off and just add it to the next day’s list up at the top of course. And that, mama, feels empowering.

Speaking of empowering; I recently invested into a program that helped me get my mind back to positive, happy, inner peace. I have been struggling with weight gain and unhealthy food habits for well over a decade, starting just after my mother died very young of breast cancer. This program has helped me refocus my energy and replace the negativity that seemed to be eating me alive, from the inside out. I just can’t recommend it enough…and it’s less than $20. Seriously, such a great program. Now I’m on a serious healthy living mission and can’t wait to refer back to this whenever I have a moment of uncertainty or lack focus on the bigger picture, which is living a long, full life with my four babies!

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One of the BEST programs I’ve come across, yet!

The Third Step To Finding Balance: Set A Clear Schedule

No matter what your circumstances are, setting boundaries is so important, especially when it comes to your hustle aka entrepreneurial dream. Being a Mompreneur has a different definition for everyone. It isn’t a one size fits all statement. The one thing we all have in common though, is that the time we spend working on our life passions, is time spent away from something else.

So how can we create a schedule that actually works? Flexible timeframes.

What do I mean by this? Set clear chunks of time for all the important things, while remaining flexible. If I personally do not have some sort of schedule, I feel like I’m in a 24 hour fog. Everything is fuzzy. I can’t see past my fingertips, even when my hands are directly in front of my face. It’s an awful feeling and increases my anxiety.

Foggy. Awful. Anxiety.

Those are words that bring about negative emotions within me. So to keep them away, I set aside little chunks of time for each of my responsibilities and try my best to stick to my schedule.

Being a Mompreneur isn’t a one size fits all statement. The one thing we all have in common, is that the time we spend working on our life passions, is time spent away from something else. Make your time count! Click To Tweet

For instance, my autistic son’s therapy schedule takes up a lot of time, both driving and actual therapy. I worked hard and found a way to get his three therapies scheduled at similar times, three days a week. I am also his full time caregiver and I homeschool him. He’s nonverbal and severe (or high) on the autism spectrum, so my sweet boy needs a lot of time and patience. On the days that we do not have Speech, Occupational or In home ABA Therapy, I try to work on things with him during the same times he would be with his therapists. Sticking to this style of a schedule has allowed my son to thrive and grow so very much. It also helps to keep me on track!

I am a mama of four! I have an almost 11 year old in one school building. I have a 9 year old in an entirely different school building. Both are on very different schedules. I also have a 21 month old, who is quite demanding, taking the phrase “mamas boy” to a whole new level. In order to stay sane, ha ha, I have a block of my morning, a block of my afternoon and a block of my evenings dedicated to only my babies. I try to keep my cell phone, iPad and laptop turned off. No working during these times. Just mommy time.

How to find Work Life Balance as a working mother. blogging running business from home. #worklifebalancetips #worklifehumor #motherhood #motherhoodimageschild #worklifemombalance

Yes, my husband gets a bit of my time, too. But honestly, this is the most challenging for us both, and is something we both continually make an effort at. Marriage is hard y’all. Marriage with kids – one with special needs – sometimes feels impossible.

Now when it comes to my entrepreneurial hustle Brandis Allison Design Co. I can sometimes forget about time altogether. It happened more often than I’d like to admit and I was neglecting myself the most. To remedy this, I set aside a chunk of time in the morning, a chunk of time in the early afternoon and a chunk of time once bedtime routine for my oldest two has concluded and my husband can hang out with our two littles.

Keeping any sort of schedule can be tough stuff, but if you make the most of the time you have and try hard at keeping to it, you can gain so much success and productivity, too!

How to find Work Life Balance as a working mother. blogging running business from home. #worklifebalancetips #worklifehumor #worklifebalancewomen #worklifemombalance

Another secret to my scheduling success is being a boss at multitasking

Any time I can do multiple things at once, I go for it. So for instance, during my afternoon time it’s my littles, they will help me pick up the house, fold a load of laundry or help me watch the little boys so I can get dishes and vacuuming done. We all pitch in, making chores go a lot faster! We talk during them. We dance during them. We sometimes pause to play a game on Amazon with our fire stick remote.

I hope you were able to find some helpful advice on finding “balance” whatever that means. Life is hard. But if we choose to be positive, it will be so much better.